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Línea Bancomer
Security on Linea Bancomer
Your PIN and the number of your Debit Card are personal and non-transferable. Do not provide them to anyone. Avoid the misuse of your personal information! In the event of loss or theft, contact Línea Bancomer immediately (52262663 in Mexico City or 01800-2262663 elsewhere in Mexico).

Your Linea Bancomer Access Code is confidential and should never be provided to strangers. Memorize it and do not jot it down or stow it away, even if you believe it is in a safe place. When you register your Codes, do not use predictable information such as telephone numbers, dates, your account number, etc.
  • Avoid being watched when you register your Access Code
  It is important that you change your Code periodically (at least once a month)

Do not accept offers to use a third-party’s cellular telephone to execute your transactions, and if you should use someone else’s telephone or a public telephone for this purpose, make sure that your information is erased from the Redial feature. To do so, once you have finished your transaction, dial any other number and hang-up